Security Guard Services


Armed/Unarmed Officers

Uniformed security are used in locations where visibility of the security officer is a primary concern for the client; Officers  provide access control, general patrolling of the site, key control, escort duty, loss prevention. . . 


Commercial/ Industrial

Our main goals include the deterrence of vandalism, theft, and burglary; Providing a professional presence that is prepared to respond to the different types of incidents; The prevention of loitering, vagrancy and other determinants to the appearance of safety. 


Residential/HOA/ Apartment

We provide mobile and stationary officers that provide roving patrols within that community. Their duties generally involve enforcing parking issues on the site, deterrence of break-ins and prevention of personal assaults



Presenting security personnel in a customer service role with officers dressed in upscale business clothing; Officers perform duties within the hotel environment that may include first aid, access control, fraud prevention, special events security, and so on.


Special Events

Weddings, concerts, tournaments, corporate gatherings, and beyond. Get the peace of mind you need to enjoy your event.


Camera Monitoring

24/7 monitoring services. Service includes alarm/disturbance response, central command and dispatch officer and more depending on the clients needs.


Construction Sites

Construction security is most often at night; site protection is required after hours to ensure no break-ins or theft.



Armed/Unarmed security officers who are specifically trained to work dispensaries. For more info give us a call. 



On-site officers providing access control, general patrolling of the site, loss prevention and mitigate the possibility of bodily harm to employees and patrons within the facility.